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FRESH Box: Cutting Edge Illustrations


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The FRESH Box set includes three books – Object, Public and Print – about the revival of illustration.

These three books from Daab are fresh and refreshing. They showcase a form of art that isn't normally displayed, revealed or presented to the outside world in a combative, provocative, affectionate or ironic way. Illustration is back.

Displaced by photography over the past hundred years, illustration is now higher in demand than ever before. Its triumphal progress has been unparalleled – it has conquered the design of editorial layouts and of products, returned to advertising and it’s displaying its creative vitality everywhere from street art to architecture. 

Editor Slanted – known for his award-winning typographical magazine and the blog of the same name – presents a passionate perspective on illustration, that is to say: on the elder, more figurative, more expressive sister of typography. 

FRESH is an international gathering of various illustrators, contemporary styles and media. In three volumes, the FRESH series showcases more than 1,400 works, ranging from private and commercial illustrations, to fashion to street art, to two and three-dimensional. These volumes are definitively a vital source of inspiration for anyone engaged in creative work, and anyone who wants to be.


  • FRESH 1 – OBJECT features illustrations in spatial settings as well as three- dimensional products, from fashion to art to industrial design. Includes interviews with Jeff Jank, Emil Kozak and Karim Rashid. Flexicover, 336 pages.
  • FRESH 2 – PUBLIC features street art, graffiti, and illustration in relation to architecture, instore graphics and public spaces. It examines the boundaries of dramatized illustration, the concept of permanence, and spatial presence. Includes interviews with INOPERABLE Gallery, Pure Evil and Dethkills Collective. Flexicover, 336 pages.
  • FRESH 3 – PRINT features the best from print sources such as editorial design, book and print art, posters, fanzines, flyers, and much more. Includes interviews with Illustration Québec, Rotopolpress and Kai andSunny. Flexicover, 336 pages.

Publication Details

  • Released July 2011
  • Published by Daab
  • Edited by Slanted
  • Graphic design by MAGMA Brand Design
  • Corporate design by Meiré und Meiré
  • English
  • 200 x 265 mm
  • 1,008 pages / full colour / 3 volumes in slipcase
  • €125.00 (excluding shipping costs)

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