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A showcase of works by 53 architectural bureaus whose projects cater to the world of tomorrow.

The world is changing rapidly and the impact is felt especially in the spaces we live in – both positively and negatively. Globalization, population growth and climate change are cause for anxiety, while many changes are already irreversible. In response, a new profession is on the rise: architects of the future. They are evolving impressive visions, seeking innovative solutions and providing sources of hope for future generations. Their experimental designs confront ongoing challenges and consider options for technological development from a variety of angles.

The designs by 53 architectural bureaus showcased in Daab's Futuristic are arresting and convincing in their futuristic form-giving and visionary power. Globally celebrated architectural bureaus such as Foster+Partners, BIG, Mad, J. Mayer H. Architekten and others reveal new perspectives. 

In the cities of the future, vegetative high-rises will grow out of the ground, be nourished by photosynthesis and supply occupants with fresh air. Architectural structures spanning entire cities will rationalize conurbations, and on the few urban freeways embedded in jungle zones, road-users will be transported by a system of computerized electrical vehicles. Those whose habitats have been submerged under sea will live in settlements on or under the water. 

Futuristic impressively shows the already existing models for a world that revolutionizes our concepts of living. The message is a positive one: despite all the adverse factors, the world of tomorrow will still be one worth living in. Architects are achieving the impossible – creating a space for utopia.


  • Works by 53 international architectural bureaus.
  • Book is divided into easy-to-navigate chapters: urban, towers, atmosphere, green, water and bionic.
  • Commentaries by Professor Stefanie Lieb (historian of architecture) and essays by Florian Heilmeyer, Winka Dubbeldam, J. Mayer H., Christoph Ingenhoven, Philippe Rahm, Dickson Despommier, Caroline Klein, Alberto T. Estévez, Mitchell Joaquim and Maria Aiolova.

Publication Details

  • Published by Daab
  • Edited by Caroline Klein
  • Text by Professor Stefanie Lieb
  • Text in English and German
  • Design by Meiré und Meiré
  • 272 pages / full colour / Hardcover with dustjacket
  • 240 x 280 mm
  • ISBN 978-3-942597-09-8
  • €55.00 (excluding shipping costs)

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