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Elephant #12 Autumn 2012

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In this special London issue, Elephant traces the rise of the city as an art capital, examining the changes that have taken place over the last two decades.

In stylistic, economic and geographic terms, we look at shifts east being followed by moves back to the centre, or slightly off-centre, or south, or further east. Ossian Ward draws a genealogy of the YBA phenomenon, while James Cahill asks whether there is such a thing as a ‘London School of Painting.’ Grayson Perry walks us through the changes in attitudes over those two decades, Billy Childish gives a typically provocative interview, while Marcus Harvey presents a compelling picture of the lure and the danger of mass media. Nicholas Logsdail tells us how as a young man he missed a train, went for a walk and found his way into the pages of art history. These are accompanied insights from art figures ranging from John Stezaker and Maureen Paley to Matt Golden and Robert Orchardson.

Part One: Research 
Who do you think you are?: The Young British Artists as a family tree by Ossian Ward
Entropy at work: For and against the image, or the New School of London by James Cahill

Part Two: Encounters    
Lobbying for beauty: Grayson Perry's progress 
Marcus Harvey: In a dangerous place 
Billy Childish's radical traditionalism 

Part Three: Destinations
Featuring interviews and work by: 
Nicholas Logsdail
John Stezaker
Jonathan Lewis
James White    
Saul Fletcher
Ang Tsherin Sherpa
Maureen Paley
Matt Golden    
Robert Orchardson    
Gareth Jones    
Malika Favre    
Nicholas McLeod
Clarisse D'Arcimoles
Natasha Hoare
Tim Marlow
Hannah Barry
Julia Alvarez
Hew Locke
Robert Pratt
Boo  Ritson
Roger Hiorns

by Marc Valli

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