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Elephant #13 Winter 2012-13

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With the feature ‘Post-Photography’ the magazine focuses on photography, or rather, on photography after photography, looking at how artists are transforming and transcending the medium.

Still with the idea of ‘post-something’ in mind, we look at how post-graffiti street artist Filippo Minelli uses social media as a new ‘street’, a new way of carrying ambiguous messages to the circulating masses. From this we move on to post-painting, or post-reportage, or post-conflict, following Dutch painter Ronald Ophuis as he travels to Sierra Leone in order to research paintings based on atrocities committed during the civil war – perhaps more than any other painter of his generation, Ophuis’s war paintings ask the question of just how far painting can go, and what is the role of the medium in our image-saturated world.

Iranian artist Samira Hodaei tells us about how fast things are actually changing in her homeland these days, and Santa Monica-based, German artist Friedrich Kunath talks about the relationship between smell and memory, Jockum Nordstrom makes music, and Jules de Balincourt remembers going in through the back door, carrying art works into the studios of big-name Manhattan artists – before he became a big name too.

But let’s not forget to mention an art guide to Munich featuring interviews with artists such as Tom Schmelzer, Mirko Borsche, Max Geuter, Benjamin Roder, Carlos de los Rios and designer Ingo Maurer – clearly, all is still blue in Bavaria.

Part I: Open Files: Who to see and where
Edy Ferguson
Siegfried Anzinger
The Unphotographable
Tacita Dean
Philippe Cognee 
Ed Templeton
Freya Pocklington
Analia Saban
Daan van Golden
Olivier Richon
Catarina Dias
Izaak Zwartjes
Benjamin Verdonck
Darren Harvey-Regan
Michael Krebber
Fiona Rae
Kaarina Kaikkonen

Part II: Showcase
Rambharos Jha, Louise Despont and Samira Hodaei. 

Part III: Research
Coming out Fighting: Featuring Justin Hammond, Adam Dix, Jonny Briggs, Julia Vogl, Tom Howse, Adeline de Monseignat, Juno Calypso and Nicky Deely. 
Post Photography: The Unknown Image. Featuring Aliki Braine, Dafna Talmor, Jorma Puranen, Julie Cockburn, Charles Grogg and David Brikin.

IV: Encounters
Jockum Nordstöm: A Little Bit of Soul
Filippo Minelli: The Shape of Silence
Jules de Balincourt: New York Primitivism
Friedrich Kunath: This Is Where The West Ends

V: Process
Ronald Ophius: Seasons In Hell

VI: Destination
Munich Go See Charlie
Ingo Maurer
Benjamin Röder
Carlos de los Rios
Mirko Borsche
Maximilian Geuter
Tom Schmelzer
Sonja Herpich
Tom Ising

VII: Book Journal
Growing Up: The Young British Artists at 50, Jeremy Cooper
A Monument: A Treated Victorian Novel, Tom Phillips

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