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Relating to Mark magazine, this unique journal is ideal for use as a notebook or sketchpad.

Containing 144 blank pages, the notebook is interspersed with 16 beautiful illustrations that refer to the topic of the magazine: interior and product design. A ribbon to mark the artists’ latest drawing, an elastic band to keep it all together and high quality paper make it a desirable object to become part of anyone’s creative process. With the inspirational graphics, beautiful design and good materials, it’s more than a notebook, it is an object to keep forever.

This journal is part of a series of three, one notebook for the magazines Frame (interior and product design), Mark (architecture) and Elephant (art). Each notebook has its own distinctive use of colour and graphics. The creation of notebooks is a logical step to follow the creation of magazines which aim to inspire creatives. Now the dreams, thoughts, brilliant inventions and to-do lists that arise while reading the magazine can be visualized in the notebook right away.

Publication Details

  • Released April 2015
  • Frame Publishers 
  • Graphic Design by Frame
  • 160 pages / paperback
  • 170 x 220 mm
  • ISBN 978-94-91727-57-3

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On 23 February 2020, Tricia posted:

This is the most beautiful notebook with thick luxurious pages that a ball point pen nib bites into to lay down gorgeous inspired lines. Everything about it is perfect! Thank you!!!

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