Bright 2: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations


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Bright 2 is a vibrant selection of architectural illumination and light installation projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light from all over the world.

This illuminating volume – the second in the Bright series – captures the feeling of how light and projections can elevate a building, bridge or even an entire city centre. The 44 illustrated projects have been realised by a number of top-level artists, designers and manufacturers, all of whom are setting trends in the creative use of light. Divided into three chapters – dynamic, interactive and static – the 8-page articles not only demonstrate the dazzle, spectacle and lure of the bright lights in big cities, with their descriptive texts and outstanding imagery; they are also brimming with technical details. All the major works include descriptions outlining exactly how the lighting designers have sculpted the illuminated scenarios, detailing the specific challenges they had to overcome. 

The use of light and illumination in architecture and design is currently evolving and making an increasingly significant impact in various creative disciplines. Today, architects use light installations to create a different night-time identity for buildings that allow for additional functions and presentations. Light is also important for designers who use it to illuminate locations, or conjure works of art, forms and images in commercial or cultural contexts. In short: light is a magical medium for creative experimentation that today’s designers are using to produce a broad spectrum of exciting work. 

This book is an up-to-date reference tool for professionals working with light in design, architecture and the artistic fields. Bright 2 reflects the current role of illumination as a multifaceted design element and, in doing so, literally sheds new light on the future of architecture and design. 


  • A 368-page reference book with 44 recent and extraordinary lighting projects from around the world.
  • Presents work of young studios and well-established designers, artists and manufacturers.
  • Categorised by type of project in three chapters: dynamic, interactive and static.
  • Featured projects are illustrated over 8 pages accompanied by descriptive text, technical specifications and project credits, plus plans, design sketches, drawings, renderings, etc.
  • Within each article, the designers are profiled and various other projects from their studios are illustrated.
  • Outstanding graphic design.
  • Easy to navigate; indexed by designer and project (architectural or installation).

Publication Details

  • Released April 2015
  • Frame Publishers
  • Written by Carmel McNamara and Ana Martins
  • Graphic design by Mariëlle van Genderen and Federica Ricci
  • English
  • 368 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 230 x 297 mm
  • ISBN 978-94-91727-41-2
  • €59.00 (excluding shipping costs)

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