CMF Design – The Fundamental Principles of Colour, Material and Finish Design


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In this first book about the rather young discipline, the author consolidated its key principles, so that they can be consulted, referenced and utilised by both design students and professionals.

Only when the perfect balance between visual beauty and functional performance is achieved, can a product provide a consistent and successful user experience. The discipline of CMF design focuses on designing and specifying colours, materials and finishes to support both functional and emotional attributes of products. The work of the CMF designer combines aesthetics and practical knowledge of materials and technologies with intangible human perceptions of value.

This area of design expertise is increasingly in demand. Consumer product manufacturers have an enhanced awareness of its great potential for diversifying product portfolios at relatively low costs, while still maintaining a similar or the same product shape, functionality or tooling. It can work as a key avenue to create a sense of novelty and higher value propositions. From a marketing perspective, CMF design is a valuable tool when it comes to positioning products, collections and categories according to market tiers and consumer segmentations. 

Introducing the CMF process and detailing the areas of colour, material and finish design, this book serves as a valuable source of information about this emerging professional discipline and its fundamental principles.

About the Author
Liliana Becerra is an independent design strategist, professor, writer and curator based in Los Angeles, CA, United States. Through her studio, Becerra and her team of global experts advise Fortune 500 companies and brands on the recognition of global insights, trends and their articulation into strategic design opportunities. She is also faculty member of the Product Design Department at the Art Center College of Design in California, where she teaches design research, design insights and colour, material and finish design.

• This is the first book that outlines the key principles of this emerging discipline.
• Includes Q&As with CMF design experts.
• Case studies of companies that successfully apply CMF design make this a thorough reference book.
• Specialised source of information for both students as professionals.

Publication Details
Release: March 2016
Frame Publishers
Written by Liliana Becerra
Graphic design by Liliana Becerra, Carlo Llacar, Claudia Geidobler, Zoe Bar-Pereg and Barbara Iwanicka
170 x 240 mm
208 pages / full colour / soft cover
ISBN 978-94-91727-79-5

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