Chybik + Kristof
Crafting Character: The Architectural Practice of CHYBIK + KRISTOF


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How can the discipline of architecture be used as a human-centred practice? Crafting Character presents architecture as a spatial dialogue and an exchange between character and audience, book and reader, building and city.

Fourteen cinematic vignettes highlight projects as personified characters that have their own histories, dreams, secrets and stories to tell. Each vignette emphasises this relational culture and the practice of Chybik + Kristof in working with the common bonds within a space as being more important than any individual arguments and divisions within it.
The first monograph of the Brno-based studio, this volume marks an exciting collaboration between Chybik + Kristof, Lukas Kijonka and ExLovers Studio, Adrian Madlener and Frame Publishers. With a passion for experimentation from all parties, the resulting pages stand apart from traditional monographs. From the design to the prose, the values of relationality and human-centric approaches are imbued in the pages, creating a cinematic reference guide to the practice of Chybik + Kristof.
  • Chybik + Kristof’s first ever publication, revealing the concepts and methodologies behind this emerging practice
  • Showcases the Czech studio’s projects in an unconventional format, where projects are presented as personified characters with their own stories to tell
  • A unique collaboration between Chybik + Kristof, Lukas Kijonk and ExLovers studio, and Frame Publishers
  • an experimental monograph, with striking yet simple, modest yet light-hearted design
  • Insightful commentary throughout by Adrian Madlener, with A foreword by Aaron Betsky
  • Crafted as A collector's object, with a meticulous attention to detail and fine materials
  • Geared towards readers interested in unique architectural methodologies, in which context and human-centricity are paramount

Publication Details 

Release Date: October 2023

Frame Publishers

Text by Adrian Madlener with foreword by Aaron Betsky

Graphic Design by Lukas Kijonka and ExLovers Studio

240 x 280 mm

272 pages / full colour / hardcover

ISBN 978-94-92311-60-3


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