Frame #118 Sep/Oct

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The Sep/Oct issue of Frame explores how hotels and restaurants are striving to be local in every aspect. From the food they offer to the plates on which it’s served; to the materials used in the spaces. Local hospitality has never been so global.

Wallpaper moves from backdrop to forefront. Assembly goes tool-free. Chairs dress up in alternative ways. Design Parade opens up the production process. Brazilian designers source their home ground. Discover new directions in the world of products.

The Challenge: Future Mobility
In the lead-up to each issue, Frame challenges emerging designers to answer a topical question with a future-forward concept. As Google, Tesla, Ford and Apple test self-driving vehicles, SpaceX founder Elon Musk envisions underground highways, and Uber dreams up a network of flying cars, we commissioned five makers to conceptualize and explain their ideas on the vehicle of the future.

Hella Jongerius colours the world. Stefan Diez needs coffee and pretzels. One Plus Partnership charts cinema territory. Delordinaire designs with distance. Meet the people; get their perspectives.

Stand-out pavilions stand up for sustainability at Astana Expo. Airbnb pops out of its pigeonhole. Clive Wilkinson and others breathe life into a hospital. Step inside the great indoors.

Hospitality Lab
When it comes to hotels and restaurants, globalization’s glory days are over. Guests are steering away from the universal standard and towards local experiences with an unmistakable sense of place. Food, products, services, materials: everything that can be local is local. Step into the world of home-grown hospitality.

Reports: Sanitaryware
Bette brings tactility to the bathroom. Kaldewei gets flexible. Alape thinks small. Laufen goes graphic. Mutina mixes it up. Discover what’s driving the business of design.

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