Frame #121 Mar/Apr 2018


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The March/April issue of Frame explores how a new generation of innovators is radically reshaping healthcare.

Jos Stuyfzand of Philips Design Healthcare talks about the hospital of the future being a human-centric, service-orientated environment with a focus on the individual experience. And, based on recent case studies, we dissect five design strategies that healthcare facilities are using to increase physical and emotional wellbeing.

Formafantasma upgrades e-waste. Studio Klarenbeek & Dros prints with algae. Materials are in disguise. Discover new directions in the world of products.

The Challenge: Design for a Clean Planet
In the lead-up to each issue, Frame challenges emerging designers to answer a topical question with a future-forward concept. A World Health Organization air-quality model revealed that 92 per cent of the world’s population lives in places where air-quality levels exceed WHO limits. Pollution affects more than the air, of course: more than 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year, while toxic waste unloaded by factories contaminates the soil. We commissioned five makers to conceptualize a product, space or service that tackles these issues at the source.

Emmanuelle Moureaux divides with colour. It’s boats to buildings for OMA’s Ellen van Loon. Moment makes space obsolete. Meet the people. Get their perspectives.

MVRDV builds with books. Faye Toogood materializes Carhartt. Toyota delivers a car-sharing café. Step inside the great indoors.

Healthcare Lab
Science and technology are pushing healthcare forward at a fast pace, and spaces devoted to healthcare need to follow suit. As the effects of a patient’s physical surroundings become more and more evident, traditionally designed medical facilities are being replaced by human-centric, service-orientated healing environments that are created to ease treatment and, ultimately, to stimulate recovery.

Sanitaryware Report
Vola mixes with Arne Jacobsen. Dornbracht goes transitional. WeWork ventures into wellness. Discover what’s driving the business of design.
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