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The March/April issue of Frame explores how the modern museum is moving from conservation to activation. Instead of quietly mouldering away in the 21st century, museums are innovating to become critical voices in the wider societal conversation. How?

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Business of Design
Why affordable housing will take 3D-printed structures mainstream. How auto retail will need to evolve in an age of online sales. Why branded residential developments could transform mass-market housing. How sustainability-linked loans could affect retail design.

In Practice
Wonderwall’s Masamichi Katayama shares how a childhood spent in a furniture store led to an adulthood spent revolutionizing retail – and how he’s transmitting that knowledge to the next generation. The female force behind Mexico City-based practice Comunal discusses how participatory design empowers communities. The CEO of Harmay – the Chinese retailer of international cosmetics brands – shares his vision for turning stores into sensuous experiences. And, British set designer Gary Card talks about compromising on craziness, channelling his inner brat and pushing the envelope of exhibition design.

We look at how immersive retail spaces are starting to reference the bleeding edge of advanced scientific research, why community centres are experiencing a revival and how banks open their vaults to all.

Museums Lab
Museums have gone through a renaissance in the past few decades. With the dawn of the digital age, many expected these once august institutions to lose their relevance, but what we’ve in fact seen is record attendance across age groups and demographics. The modern museum wields a much softer form of power, rebranding cities, regenerating neighbourhoods, brokering diplomacy, fostering civil society . . . the list of political, social and cultural functions goes on. The modern museum is far more than a mausoleum to the past: it’s a conversation about the present and a crucible for the future, too.

The Challenge: What will we see in the museum of tomorrow?
In the lead-up to each issue, we challenge emerging designers to respond to the Frame Lab theme with a forward-looking concept. Museums are beginning to make their mark far beyond the bounds of their buildings, but what experiences are still to come? Three creatives consider the prospect.

Domotex shows how flooring can help us feel better. IMM exhibitors blur the line between in- and outdoor furniture. Design Miami presents a sofa stuffed with dead Balenciaga stock

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