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Detailing and analysing approaches that anticipate change – from shifting user needs to fluctuating functions – FRAME’s Agility-themed Spring issue provides a directory for resilient design.

The Big Shift

How to design for change

Get up to speed with the latest agile product releases, from furniture that can be deconstructed and reconstructed to kits of parts and height-adjustable tables for agile working environments, and modular designs that can be endlessly stacked, rearranged and augmented.

Discover three need-to-know studios that explore the notion of adaptability across typologies, materials and scales – from climate-responsive buildings to floating communities to cardboard constructions.

Gain insights on how flex­ibility is feeding food retail, why an agile workplace is about more than putting furniture on wheels, and whether hybrid hospitality concepts could be a fitting foundation for the adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

Learn from global industry leaders how the largest physical manifestations of retail – the mall and the high street – can become more resilient to changing consumer behaviour.

Take visual and conceptual inspiration from the ways in which art, fashion and mobility are dealing with the concept of agility.

Uncover how eight design methods for embedded adaptability – multifunctional, autonomous spaces that can constantly be rearranged and reprogrammed – offer an opportunity to make unsustainable overhauls obsolete.

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