3deluxe: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Design


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A luxurious monograph on the architecture, interiors and graphics of German designers 3deluxe.

3deluxe is a German interdisciplinary design collective of communications, interiors and product designers and architects. This substantial book presents the group’s most complex projects over the last five years showing their skilful mastery of interplaying graphics, interior and architecture to create powerful spatial situations and graphics that resonate through all of their projects. 

3deluxe's outstanding projects for fashion, music and sports, exhibitions and fair stands, spatial productions and architecture illustrate a sensitive intellectual balance and sensual receptive approach. The multi-media theme world Cyberhelvetia, the interior design and corporate design for the infamous CocoonClub in Frankfurt, events and exhibitions for the 2006 FIFA World Cup as well as the corporate architecture for the glass manufacturer Leonardo are only but a few of the multitude of projects featured in this luxurious volume. 

The non-linear principle of how they meld various design disciplines is also reflected in the layout of the book. With cross-references of chapters and projects, it vividly conveys 3deluxe’s visual and theoretical creative approach. Essays by renowned authors complement the descriptions of projects, sparking lively debate on current trends in design and architecture, making this expansive monograph far more than a conventional presentation of their work.

Publication Details

  • Released 2008
  • Frame Publishers
  • Edited by 3deluxe
  • English
  • Hardcover with dust jacket / full colour / 368 pages
  • 220 x 280 mm
  • ISBN 978-3-89955-306-2
  • €49.90 (excluding shipping costs)

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Tags (4) Architecture, Book, Graphic Design, Interior Design