Bright: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations


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The start of Frame's book series on architectural illumination and light installations.

Bright presents a rich selection of 38 innovative projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light. The included work has been implemented in both a commercial and cultural context around the world.

Each designer or design company is portrayed in an eight-page spread featuring both stunning photography and detailed text information. The book also includes a technical lighting guide. Bright is an up-to-date reference tool for professionals working in the fields of lighting design, architecture and art. The book reflects the role of illumination as a multifaceted and interactive design element. In doing so, Bright sheds new light on the future of architecture and design.

Publication Details

  • Released 2008
  • Frame Publishers
  • Edited by Clare Lowther, Sarah Schultz
  • English
  • 352 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 230 x 297 mm
  • ISBN 978-3-89955-301-7
  • €49.90 (excluding shipping costs)

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