Colour Hunting: How Colour Influences What We Buy, Make and Feel


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Colour plays a vital role in our visual experiences and affects senses, while shaping our actions subconsciously.

For millennia, artists and designers have utilized colour to express ideas and emotions in everything from the frescoes and textiles of ancient civilizations to the haute couture and digitally created architecture of today. Colour plays a vital role in our visual experiences and affects senses such as feeling and taste, but it also shapes our actions subconsciously. Colour Hunting: How Colour Influences What We Buy, Make and Feel explores the very depths of the subject.

The book is categorized into three chapters. In the first chapter, ‘Commerce' (buying/ selling), experts cast a light on colour trends and dissect the use of colour in branding messages. The following chapter, ‘Aesthetics' (making), offers an insight into the conceptual use of colour, as well as the challenges and techniques entailed when applying colour to a wide range of materials. The relationship between body, mind and colour forms the focus of the ‘Wellbeing' (feeling) chapter. Additionally, facts about colour interspersed throughout the book trace what colour has meant to people and cultures down through the ages in every part of the world.

This book takes us on a colourful journey, hunting out and broadening our horizons into the immense potential of colour. With an appreciation of every nuance, tone, tint and shade, the possibilities are truly infinite.


  • In-depth analyses of colour research and colour experimentation in design, architecture, fashion, and art.
  • Interviews with well-known professionals, including Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, Louisa Hutton of Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, Hella Jongerius and Liz Griffiths of Missoni.
  • 300 stunning photos and illustrations.

Publication Details

  • 2011
  • Frame Publishers
  • Edited by Jeanne Tan
  • Compiled by Hanneke Kamphuis and Hedwig van Onna
  • English
  • 264 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 200 x 265 mm portrait
  • ISBN 978-90-77174-27-2
  • 'I just seen your beautiful book. It is really quite wonderful and I hope that you have much success with it - there is no question that you will!' - Leatrice Eiseman (USA)
  • 'Bedankt voor het boek. Het ziet er werkelijk fantastisch uit. Echt een feest voor het oog. [Thank you for the book. It looks amazing. It’s really a feast for the eye].' - Jan-Richard Kikkert,  Architectenbureau K2 (the Netherlands)
  • 'It's a fascinating read, made especialiy so by the facts about colours that are dotted throughout the book.' - Artichoke magazine
  • ‘I received my copy of Colour Hunting and I am very excited! It is a fantastic book as it covers such a broad range of colour related topics from branding to fashion, architecture, colour forecasting to colour psychology and therapy. I like how the colour facts are placed in between the other chapters which makes the book really interesting. This is definitely a good read for students and people working in any colour related industry. Thanks for the tip!’ - Bettina Deda, Colour Consultant (Australia)

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