Frame #106 Sep/Oct 2015

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Luxury just ain’t what it used to be. In yesteryear’s hospitality scene, the term was synonymous with private dining, champagne on ice and five-star hotels. Today, priorities have changed.

We’ve moved inward. We’re drawn to time-saving measures that accommodate our fast-paced lifestyles and uber-personalized experiences that cater to the individual. Luxury isn’t about our reputations. It’s about us.

Designers get street smart. Art attacks an irritating phenomenon. Algae offers potential salvation. Galleries get playful. Digital and analogue merge in the classroom. All this and more is bubbling on the fringes of the great indoors.

French studio Diplomates counteracts conservativeness. Joep van Lieshout exposes his anarchistic past. Andreas Nicholas Fischer predicts a smart-art future. The founders of Febrik make wool cool. All this and more perspectives on people.

Wes Anderson pleases a different crowd. Kengo Kuma is all wired up. Rene Gonzalez gets materialistic in Miami. Anish Kapoor puts visitors in a spin. Armani monumentalizes itself. Artists opt for drama at the Venice Biennale. It’s the pick of the crop from the worlds of art and design.

Philips, Vibia, Lucem amd more get sculptural. Flexibility is key for Occhio, Brokis and Ilomio. Flos capitalizes on the latest LED technology. Lamps evolve into organic creatures.

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