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Collect the complete set of these four unique magazine issues with cover photography by Studio Qiu Yang. The series takes inspiration from famous paintings that incorporate architecture, space, and interior design.

To bring the paintings to the three-dimensional world, Studio Qiu Yang created settings using materials that are typically found in modern interior design and architecture. First in the series is Piet Mondrian’s De Stijl, transformed into an actual interior by Studio Qiu Yang for the Jan/Feb issue Frame #114 – New School.

The next cover photo, where a sunny David Hockney pool scene is interpreted as a dark and mysteriously digital image for Frame #115 – Retail Revolution, is Qiu Yang’s favourite of the series.

For the special anniversary issue 20 Years Framing the Future, Studio Qiu Yang took inspiration from René Magritte’s surrealist paintings.

Finally, the series of art-to-architecture cover photos that Studio Qiu Yang created especially for Frame comes to an end with the release of the July/August issue, Frame #117 – The Fashion of Fitness.

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