Frame #78 Jan/Feb 2011

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Hella Jongerius' 300 colourful vases grace the cover of this vibrant issue.

We explore modern hospitals and how their designs might influence the healing process. We chat with Erwin Wurm, who playfully distorts the dullest domestic architecture. Get to know French architects Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson, who use the sculptures of the late Paul Belmondo in attempt to reconcile their respective crafts at an exhibit in France.



New interiors by: Junya Ishigami, Yasutaka Yoshimura, Stéphane Malka, Francesc Rifé, Atelier Kuu, Karla Menten, Bassam El Okeily, Sousa Santos Arquitectos, Stad, Lilian Driessen, Tracey Neuls, Nicola Yeoman, Dear Design, Fobert, Rotor Group, Jo Nagasaka, Loh Lik Peng, Henk Vos, Johnson Chou, …,staat, Most Architecture, Zaha Hadid, Anne Holtrop, Patricia Urquiola, Kamitopen, Wonderwall, Nema Workshop, Mia Wallenius, Isay Weinfeld, What Architecture, Agence Jacques Ferrier

Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Mike & Maaike, Aquilialberg and more

Soft Architecture: Flos
Working Climate: Schiavello 
Casebook Collaboration: Relco Group 
The Fair Trade: Walbert-Schmitz 
Catalogue: Office Furniture


  • The Sound of Light: Being Muti Randolph
  • What Zaha Did Next: Opera House in Guangzhou by Zaha Hadid
  • The Recovery Position: New hospital design
  • Stealing Beauty: Venice Architecture Biennale
  • Think Thin: Erwin Wurm’s Narrow House in Beijing
  • Anatomy of an Architect: The world of Didier Fiuza Faustino
  • Statues and Liberties: Musée Paul Belmondo in Boulogne-Billancourt by Chartier-Corbasson
  • Forest Fantasy: GC Prostho Museum Research Center in Aichi by Kengo Kuma


  • Graduation Work: Students Think Again
  • Talk: Hella Jongerius
  • Market: London Design Festival
  • Introducing: Chai Young Lee and Siwen Huang
  • One Artist: One Material: Cardon Webb on street posters
  • Design Art: The Crate Series by Makkink & Bey
  • Books: Three new titles from Laurence King

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