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What’s the modern monument in 2011? In Mexico City, it’s Fernando Romero’s Museo Soumaya, which he built for his father-in-law (the world’s richest man).

In Nanjing, it’s Steven Holl’s Art & Architecture Museum, which hasn’t yet been visited despite being completed for years. In Russia, it’s David Adjaye’s Moscow School of Management. Meanwhile, Sandra Hiari wonders if Amman will ever be a truly walkable city, and biographer Franz Schulze digs into the private lives of famous architects.


Cross Section 
On Design, Make Architects, Jun Igarashi, Oscar Niemeyer, Dominique Coulon, Fuhrimann Haechler, J. Mayer H., Triptyque, Woods Bagot, Kadawittfeld, Suppose Design, BOPBAA

View Point
Paisajes Emergentes (Medellín), PPAG (Vienna)

Long Section 

  • FREE in Mexico City: Fernando Romero built a museum for the private art collection of his father-in-law, the richest man on earth.
  • Steven Holl in Nanjing: Although Steven Holl’s Nanjing Art & Architecture Museum has been nearly completed for the past couple of years, it has yet to welcome its first visitor.
  • Vanessa Stallbaum & Marco Stepniak in Marl: Vanessa Stallbaum and Marco Stepniak bought two railway mailcoaches and used them to build a house less ordinary.
  • David Adjaye in Moscow: David Adjaye is the first well-known international architect in a very long time to realize a building in Russia.
  • Letter from Amman: Sandra Hiari wonders if Amman will ever be a truly walkable city.
  • Aires Mateus in Alcácer do Sal: The assisted living facility that Aires Mateus realized in the Portuguese town of Alcácer do Sal gives rise to reflection on the phenomenon of photogenic architecture.
  • Franz Schulze in Lake Forest: Biographer Franz Schulze digs into the private lives of famous architects.
  • Björn Martenson & Nagel-Theissen Tübingen: Jan Theissen and Björn Martenson topped their house in Tübingen with a ‘southwester hat’ of roof sheeting to provide protection from wind and weather.
  • Aseismic building Japan: Engineer Alan Burden discusses why Tokyo is still standing after the earthquake that shook the foundations of Japan on March 11.
  • Pezo von Ellrichshausen Concepción: A dozen square modules in the hills of Concepción form a base and a tower where Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen live and work.

Service Area 

  • Engagement and ethics with Thomas Fisher (Minneapolis) 
  • Art and architecture with Urban Art Projects (Brisbane)
  • Shading system technology by Decker Yeadon New York

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