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Take a trip to another galaxy at MAD Architect's Ordos Museum, conceived in response to the strict geometry of the city's master plan.

Wild dimensions are also on show at Zaha Hadid's new Riverside Museum in Glasgow, while surprising shapes and colours take over at Bernardo Rodrigues' home in the Azores. Meanwhile, Keisuke Maeda of UID Architects designed a house that creates a symbiosis between domestic space a garden. A letter from Dutch architect John van de Water – who moved to China to establish a new branch for NEXT Architects – reveals how he found himself disguised as a Canadian architect in Qingdao. Finally, we look into the world of toys for future architects.


Cross Section 
Aranguren + Gallegos, 3XN, Norman Foster, Durisch + Nolli, Yukiko Nadamoto, Rothe Lowman, Theo Deutinger, Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects, Inbo Architects, Ikimono Architects, Iñaqui Carnicero, Steven Vadenborre, Gustavo Taretto, Suppose Design, West 8 & Mrio Arquitectos, Caramel, H2o, Fuse Atelier, Estudio Barozzi Veiga, CC -Studio & Studio TX, Molo Design

Estudio Teddy Cruz (La Jolla), Rael San Fratello Architects (Oakland)

Long Section

  • MAD Architects in Ordos: The new Ordos Museum makes a strong statement about the stark geometric character of the young city’s master plan.
  • Zaha Hadid Architects in Glasgow: The Riverside Museum returns many objects to the place where they were made, thus contributing to the redevelopment of the Clyde riverfront.
  • Architecture Toys: Katya Tylevich delves into the world of toys for future architects.
  • Dick van Gameren in Naarden: A 1960s’ villa was demolished to the foundations and then rebuilt with some spectacular additions.
  • DierendonckBlancke in Ghent: Residential living brought back to basics.
  • Letter from Qingdao: John van de Water of Amsterdam-based NEXT Architects moved to Beijing to set up a Chinese branch of the company. Within a week he found himself at a presentation in Qingdao, disguised as a Canadian architect.
  • Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto in São Miguel: Bernardo Rodrigues rebuilt the place he came from.
  • UID Architects in Onomichi: Keisuke Maeda designed a house that creates a symbiosis between domestic space and the garden.
  • 109 Architects in Beirut: The university campus in Beirut represents Lebanon’s troubled history.

Service Area

  • Architecture Books for Children by Jean Poderos (Paris)
  • Industrial robots help Gregory Epps (London)
  • Kazuriro Kojima’s Laboratory (Noda)
  • King’s Cross Station reno by John McAslan + Partners (London)

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