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While Amsterdam’s famed canal houses are undeniably charming, the city’s 21st century architectural scene is flourishing.

Alongside tulips, a multiplicity of awe-worthy projects are popping up including Delugan Meissl’s Eye Film Institute, Benthem Crouwel’s bath-tub like Stedelijk Museum extension and Crux y Oritz’s Rijksmuseum renovation. A special pull-out map will give you directions to see the city’s best architecture, old and new. Meanwhile, we check out Arata Isozaki’s new Himalayas Center in Shanghai – which introduces a new era of Oriental civilization – and UNStudio’s Stuttgart house that echoes its surrounding landscape. We chat with E-Grow, the Shanghai-based firm that produces free-form designs for the likes of Zaha Hadid and Morphosis. Finally, we visit Jan Kaplický’s final project: The Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena.  

Cross Section
New works by: Tato Architects, Christ & Gantenbein, Luis Urculo, Vylder Vynck Tallieu, Starbreeze, Soeters Van Eldonk, Ashley Bigham and Kelly Wiles, Schneider+Schumacher, Sebastian Irarrázaval, Andrew Maynard, Anna & Eugeni Bach, Barbosa & Guimarães, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, ARTEC Architekten, Luminarie De Cagna, Andrew Simpson, Oomen Architecten, Delugan Meissl, LOOS .FM, Kengo Kuma, Nathan Crowley & Ryan Church, Atelier Bow-Wow

Perspective: Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam: If it’s true that the proverbial seven lean years are followed by seven fat years, the future of Amsterdam looks rosy.
  • River IJ: After centuries of neglect the banks of the IJ are finally part of the city again.
  • Delugan Meissl, Associated Architects The Film Institute in Amsterdam is all about looking.
  • Benthem Crouwel: After 20 years of plans and schemes, the Stedelijk Museum is finally complete.
  • Cruz y Ortiz: The renovation of the Rijksmuseum is almost finished.
  • IJDock: The IJDock takes in its surroundings.
  • Ring Safari: Amsterdam by car.

Long Section

  • UNStudio in Stuttgart: UNStudio built a house that echoes the surrounding landscape.
  • Arata Isozaki in Shanghai: The Himalayas Center introduces a new era of Oriental civilization.
  • Shiro Studio & Future Systems in Modena: The Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena is Jan Kaplický’s final project.
  • Davidclovers in Hong Kong: David Erdman and Clover Lee design smoothly distorted masses that are embossed with filigree patterns.
  • Graux & Baeyens in Ghent: Graux & Baeyens wants to make  buildings that are sculptural and expressive.
  • Victor Enrich in Munich: After studying architecture and working as a visualizer, Victor Enrich started making art.
  • Amunt in Aachen / Stuttgart: Amunt is looking for buildings that are self-confident and a bit weird. 
  • E-Grow in Shanghai: E-Grow produces free-form designs for the likes of Zaha Hadid and Morphosis.
  • Suppose Design Office in Tokyo: Makoto Tanijiri opens doorways in a house in Tokyo.
  • Ctrl G & Plan:b in Medellín: Two new kindergartens in Medellín are proof of the city’s ongoing revitalization.
  • Geoff Manaugh in New York City: Geoff Manaugh provides his blog followers with generally overlooked sources of inspiration for architects.

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