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Forget the Olympic Games; it’s all about what happens after.

From Zaha Hadid Architects’ Aquatics Centre to Wilkinson Eyre Architects’ Basketball Arena, new sport-savvy projects are popping up across the city – but which are only temporary structures? Discover how the Games will sow seeds for a new part of London. Meanwhile, Norway’s coastline has been livened by a performing arts centre. In Los Angeles, Wim de Wit of the Getty Research Institute challenges the old-fashioned approach to exhibition architecture and how it can be rethought. Plus, Chiaki Arai’s design of a cultural centre in Yurihonjo seeks to reactivate a sense of community within the environment it questions.

Cross Section 
MVRDV, Studio Tacloban, GGMPU Arquitectos, Hiroshi Nakamura, Carlos Arroyo Architects, Ubisoft, In-cheurl Kim, Augustine Coll, UID Architects, Fat, Philip Messina, Studio Asylum, Yuki Minamikawa, Mossine Partners, Claus en Kaan, Atelier Mariëtte Adriaanssen, Gambardellarchitetti, Bryan Oknyansky

Perspective: London

  • Introduction: Forget the Olympic Games; it’s all about what happens later.
  • Eleanor Fawcett: The London Legacy Development Corporation makes sure the Olympic Games sow the seeds for a new bit of city. 
  • Zaha Hadid Architects: Jim Heverin will be a bit sad to see the temporary wings of the Aquatics Centre go.
  • Hopkins Architects: Mike Taylor speaks about the Velodrome, a building as efficient and light as a bike.
  • Cecil Balmond and Anish Kapoor: Balmond and Kapoor tried to design something that the hybrid city of London would enjoy.

Long Section

  • Chiaki Arai Urban & Architectural Design in Yurihonjo: Chiaki Arai moulded Kadare Cultural Center into the shape of a scientific research facility.
  • SO – IL in Seoul:  Kukje Gallery in Seoul embodies SO – IL’s search for a new aesthetic.
  • Moby in Los Angeles: Electronic musician Moby talks about his architecture blog.
  • AlA Architects in Kristiansand: With the Kilden Performing Arts Centre, ALA gives identity to the small coastal city of Kristiansand.
  • Wim de Wit: Los Angeles: Wim de Wit of the Getty Research Institute believes that the old fashioned approach to exhibiting architecture needs to be rethought.
  • Cadaval & solà-Morales in Mexico/Barcelona: Eduardo Cadaval and Clara de Solà-Morales make architecture that serves others, not just itself.
  • Heinz legler and Veronique Lievre in Los Angeles: Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre want to make design accessible through holidaying.
  • Takao Shiotsuka in Oita: Takao Shiotsuka houses a bounty of books, their owner and his wife.
  • Christian Kerez in Zurich: Christian Kerez studies images as if he is reading them.

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