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Lack of space, privacy and natural light define the Japanese housing scene, but a new generation of clients are not afraid to follow unconventional circumstances to combat the country’s building environments.

From Akihisa Hirata to Studio Velocity and ON Design, we take a look at the most stellar examples – and architectural ingenuity – of modern Japanese housing. We speak with three architects who divide their time between architecture and windsurfing the Chilean coast. Meanwhile in London,  Renzo Piano’s 310m high Shard is a workplace, public transit interchange and source of controversy. Mobile architecture offers an alternative way of thinking about consumption and environment for Berlin-based Magma. And since architects commonly design their own homes, we ask why some also design their own bars.


Cross Section 
New work by: Studio 505, IAAC, Torsten Ottesjö, Bokenäs, Adam Stockhausen, UID, Populous, KWK Promes, Vincent Parreira and Antonio Virga, Theo Deutinger and Carlos Castro Justo, Undercurrent Architects, Bureau SLA, Mi5 Arquitectos and PKMN Architecture, Mayu and Architekten Cie Asia, Derek Watts, BP Architectures, OMA

Perspective: The Japanese House

  • Introduction: Cathelijne Nuijsink left the Netherlands on a mission to understand the contemporary Japanese house.
  • Shigeru Oshima: Misawa Homes’ ‘A Project’ features collaboration between the Japanese manufacturer of prefab houses and outside architects.
  • Studio Velocity: Studio Velocity designed a cylindrical house with two floors connected by no fewer than four staircases.
  • ON Design: ON Design unites man and wife in his-and-her houses.
  • Hiroyuki Shinozaki: Hiroyuki Shinozaki designed a house like a series of bookshelves.
  • Ma-Style: Ma-Style gives its clients a black cube that hides a bright interior.
  • Suga Atelier: Shotaro Suga believes that sometimes a dense urban setting demands fortification.
  • Akihisa Hirata: Akihisa Hirata designed a house with a continuously corkscrewing interior.
  • Suppose Design Office: Suppose Design built a house in Miyoshi and sealed off the interior from the outside world.  

Long Section

  • 2b Architectes in Lausanne: Blending the ingredients of four suburban houses, 2b Architectes comes up with a self-confident contemporary flavour.
  • Magma in Berlin: Mobile architecture offers an alternative way of thinking about consumption and environment.
  • Barkeepers: Why do some architects design their own bars?
  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop in London: The Shard is a 310-m-high workplace for 8,000 people. And a source of controversy.
  • WMR Arquitectos in Matanzas: Felipe Wedeles, Jorge Manieu and Macarena Rabat divide their time between architecture and windsurfing.
  • Alan Lapidus in Naples: Alan Lapidus is back in business.
  • Viktor Antonov in Paris: Viktor Antonov reveals his motivations as a designer of fictional worlds.
  • Gehry Technologies in Los Angeles: In July, Gehry Technologies introduced GTeam, a file-sharing solution purpose-built for the architecture industry.
  • Hans Oldewarris and Peter de Winter in Rotterdam: Hans Oldewarris and Peter de Winter say goodbye to their 010 architecture publishing house.

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