Night Fever 1: Interior Design For Bars and Clubs


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Night Fever 1 takes you inside 39 of the world's most creative, most stylish and best-designed bars and nightclubs.

The party has spread all over the world, and these interiors are the faces that define contemporary nightlife. From India to the Arctic Circle, this selection of projects represents a broad cross section of bars, lounges, nightclubs and all the chimerical combinations in between, from colossal to cosy. On page after page, discover how leading architects and interior designers approach the challenge of creating spaces that keep on dazzling and delighting their guests long after opening night. Night Fever shows you to the gluttonous pleasure of the night.

Publication Details

  • Released 2005
  • Frame Publishers
  • Edited by Matthew Stewart
  • English
  • 312 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 235 x 300 mm
  • ISBN 90-77174-04-4 / ISBN 3-7643-0512-6
  • €65.00 (excluding shipping costs)

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Tags (6) Architecture, Bars, Book, Clubs, Design, Hospitality

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