Portrait + Landscape: M+R interior architecture


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Ten years of designing public spaces has not only resulted in a wide range of projects, it has also formed and honed M+R's view of their profession.

Founders Hans Maréchal and Marie-Louise Rooijmans explore the dilemmas and conclusions of this first decade in more depth in their self-penned essay. They see the interior architect as the director of a complicated design process, in which the user (the visitor or the occupant) should take a central position. How that works out in practice is covered in publications by and interviews with various journalists and clients. The many attractive photos and plans give a good picture of the results.

According to M+R, the interior architect continually needs to maintain a dynamic balance between personal and public aspects. This field of tension is captured in the title of the book, Portrait + Landscape. The two concepts also served as the guiding principle for the book design. This book, with its entirely individual character, is a complete edition about the work of M+R interior architecture.

Publication Details

  • 2010
  • Boekschap & Frame Publishers
  • Edited by Jörg Boner, Carly Butler, Lars Heger, Conway Lloyd Morgan, Edwin van Onna and Simone
  • English and Dutch
  • 544 pages / Full colour / Hardcover
  • 190 x 190 mm
  • ISBN 978-90-77174-44-9

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On 28 October 2020, M+R interior architecture posted:

The book Portrait + Landscape is about the first 10 years of M+R interior architecture. This year 2020 our office celebrates the 20 years anniversary! For this occasion we have made a new book M+R 20|20|2020. The book size of 30 x 30 cm. has in total 542 full color pages with a selection of 20 projects of M+R. see our website www.mplusr.nl

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