Powershop 3: New Retail Design


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A lavish retail design bible detailing 173 of the latest remarkable shop and showroom interiors from around the world.

The latest publication in the Powershop series – the largest ever single-volume book from Frame Publishers at 696 pages – is brimming with retail interiors from around the world that are as inspiring and refreshing as they are surprising and alluring.

Powershop 3 is an exploration of the best in retail design from around the globe. It outlines the key role that designers play to integrate brand identity into retail concepts in order to realise some of the most exciting shopping destinations in the world. Readers will discover how designers encapsulate different styles with a brand coherence whilst often mixing-up the settings to create thrilling, theatrical spaces. 

Divided into nine chapters, the book opens the doors of shops and showrooms by over 130 international designers, both new studios and world-famous designers. This is a lavish retail design bible detailing the latest interiors which range from luxury fashion boutiques to bakeries, car showrooms to supermarkets and pop-up shops to department stores.

The essence of this book comes from the curated interiors which highlight the current trends in retail design. The gold-tinged pages are filled with outstanding photography and descriptive texts about how the design concepts were developed and executed. Many shops also feature technical details such as floor plans, sections and sketches to further explain the design process from concept to execution. Completing the book is an index of the featured designers, with studio profiles and contact details, along with addresses of all the shops.


  • 173 remarkable retail interiors.
  • The largest ever single-volume book from Frame Publishers at 696 pages.
  • Hardcover with purple faux leather binding and gilt-edge pages.
  • Profiling design projects by Hayon Studio, Ippolito Fleitz Group, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Wonderwall.
  • Featuring global brands such as Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Mykita.
  • Nine chapters: Accessories, Body & Healthcare, Books & Music, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Furniture & Home Products, Mobility, Shoes and Telecom & Services.
  • Extensive descriptions, project credits, stunning photography and designer profiles.
  • Floor plans, sketches, detail drawings, renderings and construction photos.
  • Index with contact details of the design studios as well as all the featured shops.

Publication Details

  • Released February 2012
  • Frame Publishers
  • Edited by Carmel McNamara, Sarah de Boer-Schultz and Marlous van Rossum-Willems
  • Graphic design by Cathelijn Kruunenberg and Barbara Iwanicka
  • English
  • 696 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 240 x 320 mm
  • ISBN 978-90-77174-46-3
  • €69.00 (excluding shipping costs)


  • 'You know we’re hooked on cool retail, so this book is right up our alley. Powershop 3 gives you a rare insight into a string of top-notch retail projects.' - Superfuture
  • 'We received the Powershop 3 book. It’s awesome! We love the printing quality and the pleasure of discovering so amazing other projects.' - Joana Sarmento, Francesc Rifé Studio (Spain)
  • 'The book arrived and looks amazing thank you! It is a shop bible.' - Xênia Itikawa, Studio Guilherme Torres (Brazil)
  • 'I am dropping you a few lines to express how much I feel amazed about the new Powershop 3, such a great job!’ - Mattia Stabile, Crea International (Italy)
  • ‘Very impressive and useful!’ - Alexander Nowotny, Nowotny Architecten (the Netherlands)
  • ‘I'm very very happy with the quality of the book. It was very exciting to go through the pages … the smell of the paper, the gorgeous aesthetic. Well done!’ - Diego Bortolato, Diego Bortolato Architetto (Italy)
  • ‘I think you did a great job with the book – the selection is good, so is the layout. In general, a great book and we are pleased to be featured in it. Thank you!’ - Asia Kornacki, Plajer & Franz Studio (Germany)

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