Masterclass Product Design: Guide to the World's Leading Graduate Schools


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This guide provides an in-depth overview of 30 leading graduate schools from all over the world that offer a master's degree in product design.

Aimed at current bachelor’s degree students, recent graduates and professionals looking for a specialisation, this guide provides an in-depth overview of 30 leading graduate schools from all over the world that offer a master’s degree in product design.

The featured schools are selected based on a list of criteria including the quality of the graduation work, the employability and success of former students, the list of lecturers, and their reputation in the design industry. Each school is featured extensively on 10 pages containing useful information, such as programme description, application details and requirements, student demographics, mentor and alumni lists, tuition and scholarship details, and full contact details. The articles give a real insight into life at each of the schools and in the global locations – each school profile opens with an introduction by the dean, followed by examples of recent student work, an interview with a successful alumnus, information about the school’s location regarding housing, transportation and the cultural scene from a student’s perspective, and more.

A world map indicating the demographic spread of included schools, a summary table and a notebook section with space for research notes, complete this guide to help potential students choose the school that will suit them best.


  • Focuses on the leading graduate design schools worldwide – not just in one region.
  • Attractive graphic design with a lot of attention for clarity and easy comparability of the different schools.
  • Small trim size and light weight allows students to easily pick up the book at events, shops and schools.
  • A practical table helps to compare the schools featured in the book.
  • A notebook section is included for the reader to write down his/her own research.

Publication Details

  • Released November 2012
  • Frame Publishers
  • Written by Sarah de Boer-Schultz, Kanae Hasegawa, Merel Kokhuis, Carmel McNamara and Marlous van Rossum-Willems
  • Graphic design by Cathelijn Kruunenberg, Naama Goldschmidt and Simon Mager
  • English
  • 328 pages / full colour / soft cover
  • 170 x 230 mm
  • ISBN 978-90-77174-71-5
  • €29.00 (excluding shipping costs)

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