Everything Is Everywhere by Ryan McGinness


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Everything Is Everywhere is the latest book of artist Ryan McGinness.

The book features new paintings and sculptures from different bodies of work – MindscapesBlackholes and Women – as well as site-specific work made for the pages of this book.

Reproductions of reproductions fold in on themselves as McGinness treats the metadata captions about the work with as much (or even more) importance as the reproduced works they describe. Hand drawings, paintings, monoprints and installations are digitised with homogeneous symbols and icons. These symbols together do not have a clear narrative, giving the reader the possibility of numerous subjective interpretations. Adventurous typography is employed throughout with incongruous phrases and texts culled from the artist’s sketchbooks. The stunning juxtapositions of all these elements create a textured and vividly explosive book that requires multiple visits.

A book launch for this title will be held at the American Book Center in Amsterdam on 12 April 2014, and there will be two exhibitions running in conjunction in different galleries in the city (4 April to 10 May 2014 at Vous Etes Ici; and 5 April to 10 May 2014 at Galerie Ron Mandos).

About Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness is an American artist, living and working in New York. He grew up in the surf and skate culture of Virginia Beach and studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he interned at the Andy Warhol Museum. Known for his original extensive vocabulary of graphic drawings that use the visual language of public signage, corporate logos and contemporary iconography, McGinness creates paintings, sculptures, installations and books. Concerned with the perceived value of forms, McGinness is interested in assuming the power of this visual language in order to share personal expressions.


  • New works from three bodies of work: MindscapesBlackholes and Women.
  • A visual feast with outstanding graphic design and adventurous typography.
  • Includes site-specific work that is exclusive to this book.
  • Illustrates the development of some of the iconic artworks.

Publication Details

  • Released April 2014
  • Frame Publishers
  • All artworks and texts by Ryan McGinness
  • Graphic design by Ryan McGinness Studios
  • English
  • 160 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 216 x 279 mm
  • ISBN 978-9491727-26-9

Note: this book contains some naked imagery (photographs).

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