The Factory Set: Ron van der Ende


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The Factory Set offers a survey of works by artist Ron van der Ende.

Elaborate wooden artworks by Ron van der Ende depicting cars, spacecraft, tree stumps and other artefacts are illustrated in this book. The wooden artworks of the Dutch sculptor come to life in the form of monumental constructed bas-reliefs, almost flat sculptures, which create striking spatial effects. In 2014, van der Ende made his one hundredth bas-relief, this artwork triggered the conception of this book. For over 25 years, van der Ende has been building up an impressive oeuvre, marked by the consistency and concentration of its content, and by the skill and perseverance of its maker. All the artworks feel contemporary yet their surface is weathered by time and light, worn by human touch. The artist collects discarded doors, furniture and panelling that are deconstructed, sawn into thin boards and become part of his immense colour archive.

The Factory Set is richly illustrated to showcase the artist’s career portfolio, detailing his trademark wall-mounted bas-reliefs constructed from found wood and salvaged materials. An in-depth essay written by the artist is included, along with a number of texts by Frits van Dongen, Jannet de Goede, Hester Keijser and Braden King.

The book appeared in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam.

About Ron van der Ende

Ron van der Ende is a sculptor living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He specialises in wall-mounted bas-reliefs constructed from salvaged wood. The original colour and texture of the wood is utilised to form a gripping and realistic mosaic. The realism is further enhanced by the perspective built into the relief.


  • Beautiful project photography, with outstanding graphic design.
  • Shows how some pieces of work by Ron van der Ende were realised: the artist at work.
  • Essays by Frits van Dongen, Ron van der Ende, Jannet de Goede, Hester Keijser and Braden King.
  • This book presents a perspective of van der Ende’s 25 years of art practice.
  • Background information on the artworks, as well as reference material which sheds light on what has fuelled van der Ende’s process and his narrative.

Publication Details

  • Released January 2015
  • Frame Publishers
  • Written by Frits van Dongen, Ron van der Ende, Jannet de Goede, Hester Keijser and Braden King
  • Graphic design by Ron van der Ende and ZEE strategie & ontwerp
  • English
  • 272 pages / full colour / hardcover
  • 220 x 285 mm
  • ISBN 978-94-91727-66-5
  • €39.00 (excluding shipping costs)

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